Go & Bloom In Your Own Beautiful Way

Go & Bloom In Your Own Beautiful Way

Nature always holds the most profound teachings, if you’re willing to explore what the teachings are, this particular teaching for me was about, the importance of honouring the different stages on your journey in this little thing called life we’re all living.

You can see every bulb is at different stages of revealing it’s beauty and what it is here to offer the world & yet we don’t expect them to bloom all at once, we accept that from a flower, yet don’t hold that same acceptance for self.

After having a very unfiltered conversation with a beautiful friend today who thought by the age at where she is right now, that she would have more and be more, and believe when I say this soul is so incredible, so giving and compassionate and is so far from materialistic but within us, regardless of knowing what we bring into this world, we still hold these same exceptions or comparisons if you will about how we as a human and how things should be or look like by a certain age.

The beauty of who she is and offers to many is such a gift in itself, her beauty can’t be bought or attained outside of her, it is uniquely hers just by being her beautiful and compassionate self and in that moment i began to think more about the flowers that are unfolding outside my window right now and the teachings.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wanting more or wanting to be more, I want more and I want to be more.

I have dreams that could fill many books, that’s called growth and manifesting your desires, but I feel on some level it’s a shame that we don’t see what we truly bring to this world, just by being us, in every single moment, wouldn’t it be a beautiful gift to gift ourselves with the realisation that in this very moment you are and have it all, everything you’ve previously wished, hoped and worked for is your current reality, yes dream for more, create more, but to have full gratitude right now for what ever stage you’re in of your unfolding, that’s stuff of pure magic.

To bloom in full will be a much different process and journey for us all, it will look different and feel different, the timing of our unfolding will differ and at times it will look like there’s not much growth or movement on the outside, but more of an inwards exploration, which is usually the most profound movement in itself, however the importance of every stage and cycle of growth to bloom in full is essential, we learn so much in these times or going inwards, yet we are utterly consumed by the shining in the full bloom moment to arrive, like yesterday.

There’s no comparison or lack in nature, it just happens, exactly how’s its meant to without unrealistic expectations or time frames, it just unravels the way it needs to, what a gift to humanity it could be if we took a page out or natures revelations and had acceptance for what is, unfolding all in it’s perfect timing with balance and harmony .

It takes longer for some to unfold and reveal their beauty and share their gifts, but it happens exactly how it's meant to and their beauty is most certainly worth the wait, I have been a witness to many beautiful unfoldings.

Enjoy the journey and trust the process xx