Whale Tail Aquamarine & Pearl Necklace

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If you love the ocean, then you will love our Whale Tail Necklace.

Connect with the wisdom of whales with this Whale Tail Necklace featuring a graceful Sterling Silver Whale Tail Pendant with a hand-beaded by House of Aloha Aquamarine & Pearl Necklace.

Wear Me For

• Truth & Clarity • Self-expression • Re-birthing • Courage • Healing & Balance

  • Whale Tail Meaning

    The Whale Tail teaches you to speak with truth and clarity, allow yourself to surface more and reveal yourself to others with courage and confidence. Whales offer guidance, protection and comfort, urging you to let go of self-limiting patterns and honour all that you are. Let go and forgive, come up for air and feel released with a boost of energy and vitality. Whales teach you to embrace your creativity and let your imagination flow, be rewarded with a more consistent flow of abundance and nourishment in your life.


    Empowerment - Emotional Balance - Self-Belief

    Aquamarine gently brings your emotional patterns to the surface for release and empowers you to take charge and responsibility of your life, it offers emotional support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life changes, and helps you to release emotional issues from the past that have been holding you back from moving forward in your life.


    Emotional Harmony - Compassion - Self-Awareness

    Pearls pure and calming energies helps to balance emotions and opens your mind to help you find your heart's purpose in life, it cultivates your own inner wisdom and integrity and deepens self-love and compassion.