Whale Tail Aquamarine & Pearl Necklace

Whales Tail Aquamarine and Pearl Necklace
Whales Tail crystal Aquamarine and Pearl Necklace
Whales Tail Aquamarine and Pearl healing crystal Necklace
Ladies Whales Tail Aquamarine and Pearl Necklace

Whale Tail Aquamarine & Pearl Necklace

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Whale Medicine

The Whale teaches you to listen to your inner voice and knowing, when you speak, do so with truth and clarity and allow your true self to surface more, enabling you to express yourself more authentically to others with courage and confidence.

Whales offer guidance, protection and comfort, urging you to let go of self-limiting patterns and honour all that you are, encouraging you to give birth to your fullest expression. Whales teach you to embrace your creativity and let your imagination flow, in doing so you will be rewarded with a more consistent flow of abundance and nourishment in all areas of your life.

Advice from The Whale - "Let go and forgive, come up for air and allow your breath to rejuvenate and centre you, your breath is available to you at anytime for cleansing and deep transformative healing"


• Emotional Healing • Courage • Soothing

Aquamarine capitulates the healing powers of ancient waters and just like the sea, Aquamarine evokes the cleansing, soothing and calming energies of the ocean, believed to be treasures of the mermaids, it inspires fearlessness, trust and happiness.

Aquamarines gentle and soothing energy allows you to let go of old ways that no longer serve you. Aquamarine instils self-compassion, love and understanding, while allowing emotions to re-balance guiding you to move forward in life with self-confidence and assurance.

Aquamarine gently brings your emotional patterns to the surface for release and empowers you to take charge and responsibility for your life. Aquamarine offers emotional support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life changes, and helps you to release emotional issues from the past that have been holding you back from moving forward in your life.

Learn more about the meaning and healing properties of Aquamarine


• Self-love • Purity • Trusting the Process of Life

Purity and innocence is the true essence of Pearl, it has highly protective energy that delivers a sense of security and acceptance, while grounding you in times of uncertainty and chaos.

Pearls pure and calming energies help to balance emotions and open your heart and mind to help you find your heart's purpose in life, cultivating your own inner wisdom and integrity.

Pearl teaches you what unconditional love truly means, by deepening your sense of self-love, allowing you to give love more freely to self and then to others from a space of selflessness and compassion.


  • Sterling Silver Whales Tail Pendant
  • 4mm Aquamarine Faceted Beads
  • 3mm Pearls
  • 2mm Clear Quartz Beads
  • Sterling Silver Findings

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