Use The Force - Hematite and Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

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  • "Use The Force"

    Hematite - Stone of manifestation

    Hematite helps you to move forward with useful action, wearing Hematite can assist in bring your dreams and aspirations into reality. Hematite lends you strength, courage and fortitude for moving through adversity.

    Herkimer Diamond April Birthstone

    Herkimer Diamonds assist the physical body in purifying and cleansing to help support physical stamina and energy levels. Herkimer Diamonds pick up and magnify the properties of other stones.


    Stone Name : Hematite & Herkimer Diamond

    Details : 3mm Hematite Beads, Herkimer Diamond Bead & Antique Copper Lever Clasp

    Element: Storm & Earth

    Chakras: Crown (7th), Third Eye (6th) & Root (1st)