Sunstone and Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

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    • Sunstone & Herkimer Diamond
      1. Happiness
      2. Empowerment
      3. Self-confidence
      4. Healing
      5. Removing energy blockages
    • Sunstone
      The stone of joy and Inspiration, sunstone encourages enthusiasm and positivity, whilst eliminating disappointment and feelings of inadequacy, allowing your true self to shine through.

      Herkimer Diamond
      Herkimer Diamond is a high vibration and powerful crystal known as the "Attunement Stone”. They radiate pure, solid light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal life force, they are exceptional healing crystals, and are perfect used in meditations and journey work.

      Herkimer’s unite the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, multidimensional states with consciousness to create wholeness of being. Stimulating psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, spiritual vision, and telepathy, Herkimer Diamonds opens one to guidance from higher dimensions and promotes dream recall.
    • Sunstone & Herkimer Diamond
      Details : Herkimer Diamond, 4mm Sunstone Beads, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads & Sterling Silver Findings