Red Obsidian Heart Crystal

Red Obsidian

Cleansing - Protection - Self Awareness

A stone of self reflection and Truth, Red Obsidian enhances self acceptance and self confidence, it allows you to accept personal strengths and weaknesses, embracing all that you truly are and all that you are yet to become.

Stimulating both base and sacral chakras, Red Obsidian’s grounding and cleansing properties helps to remove energy blocks that can disrupt the flow of creativity and manifestation, with Red Obsidian as your guide abundance on every level is possible.

Red Obsidian is especially useful when trying to release old self limiting ways and habits, by gently removing negativity and feelings of lack, whilst enhancing self conviction, Inner strength and Increasing personal will power, allowing you to set healthy boundaries and create new ways of being.

Details -74 grams 55mm x 45mm x 30mm

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