Pisces Healing Zodiac Mens Bracelet

  • Pisces

    February 19 - March 20

    Ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality & Illusion, you are deeply Intuitive & your sense of “Knowing” guides you well. Pisces are compassionate & are known for their gentle & caring attributes, but can at times put their needs behind others, leading to feelings of lack & disappointment. With Water as your Element, you are sensitive & empathic, which gives you the ability to connect to your emotions & express your feelings naturally.

    A Pisces Imagination is like no other, making them extremely creative & artistic, with a need & desire to explore their birth given talents.

    Aquamarine, Moonstone & Rainbow Fluorite all combined provide a Pisces with emotional harmony, nurturing & balance, allowing you to give & receive effortlessly.

    Aquamarine - Courage - Emotional Harmony - Empowerment

    Moonstone - Intuition - Emotional Balance - Nurturing

    Rainbow Fluorite - Guidance - Manifestation - Self Confidence

    Affirmation - I honour my birth given gifts by trusting in all that I am, I offer myself the same love & understanding as I do to others.

    Details - 6mm Natural Wood Beads, 6mm Aquamarine beads, 6mm Moonstone Beads, 6mm rainbow Fluorite Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.