Pink Amethyst Obelisk

Pink Amethyst 

Empowerment - Pure Love - Alignment

Pink Amethyst activates and soothes the heart chakra, allowing pure and unconditional love to flow out and to receive the same pure love in return. Her gentle and soothing energies allows you to act from a place of empathy, compassion and understanding, enabling you to heal past and present wounds and traumas, setting you free from restrictions and welcoming balance and peace from within.

Though feminine & gentle, don't let her softness fool you, she is a high vibrational stone that gives you the strength and power to release negativity, she will empower & encourage you to look at yourself with honour and self-conviction, whilst boosting your self-esteem and courage, forever reminding you of your worth.

She is fiercely protective like her purple sister, providing you with a protective shield within your aura field,  Pink Amethyst has your back, be it emotional or physical turmoil or unease, she will comfort and support you, increasing your personal power whilst restoring you back to true self & alignment. 

Details - 156mm x 47mm Weight - 420 grams

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