Neptunes Trident Necklace

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  • A collection of empowerment for men


    Soothing chrysocolla brings balance to the wearer, offering a sense of calm and inner connection, it assists in releasing stress anxiety and other fear based imbalances within the body. It enables the wearer to connect to their feminine side and honour all emotions and feelings.

    We've teamed Chrysocolla with tourmaline and jet to help ground and amplify it's powers.


    Jet is a brilliant absorber of negative energies, it protects and strengthens the energy system whilst enhancing selfreliance, inner growth and a sense of purpose. It's calming effect allows one to honour their true feelings without judgement.


    Grounding and purifying tourmaline is exceptional for dispelling fears, obsessions, addictive patterns and delivers emotional stability, allowing you to remove negative blocks and self limiting behaviours enabling you to feel motivated, self assured and empowered.

    You are limitless, capable and powerful!


    Stone Name : Black Tourmaline, Chrysocolla, Jet & Hematite

    Size : 500mm length

    Details : 4mm Black Tourmaline Beads, 4mm Chrysocolla Round Beads, 3mm Jet Round Beads, 2mm Hematite Round Beads & Antique Brass Findings