Water Sign Mens Bracelet
Water Sign Elements Mens Bracelet
Water Sign Mens Bracelet for healing
Mens Element boxed bracelet Water

Mens Water Element Bracelet

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Intuitive - emotional - nurturing

Star signs ruled by the element of Water

Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces


You are highly sensitive, empathetic & Intuitive, water is in constant flow, with most of it's activity unfolding below the surface, so too are water signs, they can appear calm and collected outside, yet hold constant turmoil Internally.

You are the feeler, connected to your emotions and the emotions of others, Compassion is your true nature, which only enhances your need to listen to and understand others. You love to connected with others and situations whole-heartedly, which can sometimes make you overly trusting and vulnerable.

Intuition is your super power which gives you the gift of clarity and Insight, allowing you to dive deeper then most, enabling you to read between the lines.


Compassionate - Trusting - Empathetic 


Gullible - Unstable - Prone To The Blues


Emotional Healing - Courage - Soothing

Aquamarines gentle and soothing energy allows you to let go of old ways that no longer serve you, it instils self-compassion, love & understanding, whilst allowing emotions to re-balance guiding you to move forward in life with self-confidence and assurance.

Aquamarine helps you to release emotional issues from the past that have been holding you back from moving forward in your life.


Self Belief - Motivation - Spiritual Guidance 

Like rejuvenating saltwater, Apatite helps to cleanse the aura, eliminating blockages helping to uplift your spirit and to return the body to balance and harmony.

Apatite helps to stimulate psychic gifts and abilities, connecting you to higher levels of spiritual guidance. It Stimulates Inner creativity whilst increasing self-belief and motivation, enhancing your ability to create your own reality and recognise your unique abilities and magic.

Details - 6mm Natural Wooden Beads, 6mm Faceted Round Aquamarine Beads, 6mm Polished Round Apatite Beads, 4mm Faceted Pyrite Rondelle Beads and Sterling Silver Findings. The Elements Bracelet Comes Boxed With It's Own Meaning Card.

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