Mens Fire Element Bracelet


Driven - Confident - Inspirational

Star signs ruled by the element of Fire

Aires - Leo - Sagittarius


You are enthusiastic, passionate and driven and have the ability to light up a room, you know what you want In life and have the courage and determination to step forward to achieve your hearts desires with confidence.

A natural born leader, you follow your gut Instincts and become fully committed to your beliefs. Independence is your true nature, and fire signs love a good challenge, enabling them to achieve anything they put their minds to.

Like fire people are drawn to you because you are enticing, dynamic and have a spark for life, Fire signs are usually very Inspirational as a result of their relentlessness.


Passionate - Decisive - Focused 


Easily Irritated - Obsessive - Prone To Anger


Self-Confidence - Courage - Determination

Carnelians bold, warming energy helps to build your confidence, courage and personal power, it’s great with letting go of procrastination and self-doubt whilst encouraging you to stop waiting for your dreams to come true and go make them happen with self-confidence and conviction.


Confidence - Manifestation - Inner Strength

Garnet is excellent for manifestation, it is useful to ground your dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity and realisation. Garnet assists in building ones own confidence, self esteem and inner strength. Promoting positive thoughts and eliminating negative and self sabotaging thought patterns and actions.

Details - 6mm Natural Wood Beads, 6mm Polished Carnelian Beads, 6mm Polished Garnet Beads, 4mm Faceted Pyrite Rondelle Beads and Sterling Silver Findings. The Elements Bracelet Comes Boxed With It's Own Meaning Card.