Love Potion Crystal Pack

 Love Potion Crystal Pack

Use me to feel the Loveeee within, that then will attract the love outside of self.

This back was created to remind you that In a world that gives you a million reasons to not love all that you are, love potion Ignites your true essence, unconditional love for self and others alike.


Each crystal is Intuitively selected and Crystal shape, colour and size will very slightly from pack to pack, but still contains the same crystal energy awesomeness!


Rose quartz

The stone of pure love, Rose Quartz assists in the awakening of the heart, allowing you to understand unconditional love for self as well as for others, providing you with deep feelings of contentment and compassion, whilst releasing emotional baggage and trauma


Filled with love and balance Rhodonite's beautiful heart felt energy nurtures you to fully embrace and love all that you are, it strengthens your heart and releases lack and self doubt, providing you with feelings of self love and self worth

Pink opal

Soothing and tranquil, pink opal guides you to look within and strengthen your connection to self, it’s self healing and activates and unlocks the heart chakra, helping you to heal matters of the heart, delivering you hope and Inner peace

Kambaba jasper

Helps to rebalance and remove blockages of the heart, It stimulates the heart chakra allowing you to fully understand your own needs and emotions, whilst encouraging you to open your heart up to loving yourself and others more deeply and sincerely


Moonstones feminine energy helps to open and stimulate the heart chakra, allowing you to be more receptive and connected to your inner feelings, teaching you to go with the flow, trust your intuition and inner wisdom more profoundly and honour all cycles of your life



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