Large Black & Purple Amethyst Free Standing Cluster

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Black Amethyst

Protection - Spiritual Guidance - Balance

Combining the spiritual and healing qualities of it's sister “Purple” Amethyst with the grounding and protectiveness of the hematite and Iron elements that create the black tones within, makes Black Amethyst an all-round powerfully healing crystal to balance and unite both upper and lower chakras.

Bursting with tranquility & Harmony, Black Amethyst alleviates stressors and anxieties by enhancing a more positive & peaceful mindset, allowing you to handle yourself from a place of knowing & peace, which enables you to set free thoughts & behaviours that don’t serve your higher good.

Black Amethyst is an a wonderful crystal for empaths and highly sensitive souls, it offers protection within the physical body and around the aura field, creating a shield of protection especially from psychic attacks. It is know instil to trust and boost your own Intuition, making you more spiritually awake whilst deepening your connection with your guides and the divine.