Soul Star Chakra Bracelet

Bracelet Size

  • Soul Star Chakra

    Located - Above the top of the head

    This chakra is the point from where Divine love and Spiritual energy enter the body, it is also called the seat of the soul. The Soul Star Chakra is all about letting go and allowing Divine light to fill your life. It represents Divine love, spiritual selflessness, spiritual compassion and Divine unity.

    When Balanced

    You will feel connected to a higher self, seeing the bigger picture in life, having peace of mind and feeling overall contentment.

    When out of Balance

    Can cause confusion, feeling spaced out, headaches, migraines, paranoia, mental fatigue or depression.

    Your soul star chakra balancing bracelet is made with Clear Quartz gemstone beads that support the soul star chakra, bringing healing, balance and harmony.

    Clear Quartz

    The master healer, it assists in harmonising all of the Chakras, a stone of power that amplifies any energy or intention, and protects against negativity whilst helping you attune to your higher self.


    I am the Soul, I am the Divine Light, I am Love.

    Wear Me For
    • Develop spiritual abilities
    • Gain awareness of your soul purpose
    • Work with direct energies from Spirit
    • 4mm Clear Quartz Beads
    • 4mm Natural Wooden Beads
    • 4mm Pyrite Rondel Beads
    • Sterling Silver Findings