Mens diffuser bracelet for focus & Inner Wisdom
Empowerment for men Inner Wisdom and focus bracelet
Mens diffuser bracelet for focus & Inner Wisdom
Empowerment for mens focus and Inner wisdom bracelet
Empowerment for men Inner Wisdom and focus diffuser bracelet
Empowerment for men diffuser bracelet collection

Focus & Inner Wisdom Men's Bracelet

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Needing some more Focus & Inner Wisdom in your life, this bracelet is perfect for you!

Azurite Meaning

Azurites balancing vibration unifies your intuition, heart and mind, helping you to be guided by your inner wisdom and knowing. Azurite delivers focus and concentration while clearing the mind of stress and negative thought patterns, allowing you to see with clarity and truth.

Chrysocolla Meaning

A crystal of communication and empowerment, Chrysocolla allows your truth and inner wisdom to surface, to be expressed and heard. Chrysocolla's gentle energy encourages you to reveal your highest inner knowledge so that others around you can benefit from your experiences.

The Focus & Inner Wisdom Empowerment for Men Bracelet design features:

  • 4mm Azurite Beads
  • 4mm Chrysocolla Beads
  • 4mm Lava Rock Beads
  • Sterling Silver Findings

We finish this men's bracelet off with Lava Rock beads so that you can add essential oils for that extra boost of empowerment. Lava Rock is a natural essential oil diffuser bead, add a few drops of your favourite oil, the beads soak in the oil and your body heat aids in gently diffusing the scent.

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