Fertility Support Bracelet

Fertility Support Bracelet

Featuring highly protective and nurturing crystals to help you on this journey. Moonstone helps to calm and nurture, Aquamarine inspires trust and happiness, Pink Opal fills your heart with compassion, and Carnelian provides courage and support needed when facing any fears concerning pregnancy and childbirth.

Wear Me For

Heart Healing - Emotional Healing - Trusting the Process of Life - Balance - Self-Compassion

  • Moonstone

    Moonstone a stone of fertility and femininity, Moonstones calming energies soothes emotional stressors whilst bringing the body to its natural rhythm and flow, allowing conception to take place naturally.

    Learn more about Moonstone's Meaning & Healing Properties


    Aquamarine delivers balance and strength to the hormone system, it’s highly protective and soothing vibrations nurture and support you whilst trying to conceive, and protect both Mumma and Bub once conception is successful.

    Pink Opal

    Pink Opal fills your heart with compassion and helps to heal wounds of the heart, it’s soft and soothing energies helps to soothe the heart of past heartaches, to deliver a sense of hope and inner peace to move forward with an open and accepting heart.


    Carnelian's bold and strengthening energies help to boost fertility and activates the sacral chakra to stimulate and evoke sexuality and conception. Carnelian supports, and provides you with courage and confidence when facing any fears concerning pregnancy and childbirth, whilst removing anxieties and Insecurities.