Dash Of Kick Ass Crystal Pack

 Dash Of Kick Ass Crystal Pack

Use me to find your Mojo, every big dream starts with a lil action and a dash of kick ass!!

This pack was created to Inspire and Motivate, to turn them big dreams into reality, with special crystal magic giving you a gentle yet sparkly kick up the butt needed to go get em tiger!!


Each crystal is Intuitively selected and Crystal shape, colour and size will very slightly from pack to pack, but still contains the same crystal energy awesomeness!



Is a stone of vitality and drive, it helps to boost your will power, ambition and creativity whilst helping your mental clarity and focus giving you an unstoppable and unshakable mindset towards dreams and goals you’re pursuing

Red tiger eye

Lost your mojo?? Red tigers eye has got your back, providing you with motivation and drive that energises you to complete tasks and delivers passion to any project you’re working on, it helps to raise your vibration especially when you’re feeling disconnected in life.


Carnelians bold, warming energy helps to build your confidence, courage and personal power, it’s great with letting go of procrastination and self doubt whilst encouraging you to stop waiting for your dreams to come true and go make them happen with self confidence and conviction


The master of manifestation, garnets vibration provides you with life force and endurance, allowing you to fully see your dreams and realistically manifest them by providing you with the will and endurance bring them to life, garnet is a stone for commitment, grounding and committing you fully to your purpose and truth


Helps to activate the solar plexus chakra, the driving force of will and personal power, increasing self confidence, drive and self worth, allowing you to acknowledge your full potential and strength



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