Amber & Natural Wood Unisex Bracelet
Amber & Natural Wood Unisex Bracelet2
Amber & Natural Wood Unisex Bracelet8
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Amber & Natural Wood Bracelet

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Mental Clarity - Up lifting - Inner Wisdom

Like a ray of sunshine, Amber delivers the beholder with positivity & warmth, Ambers nurturing vibrations lifts your energy, whilst instilling patience & Inner wisdom.

Amber attunes you to ancient wisdom & memories, it allows you to connect to the earths wisdom, It holds a grounding & stabilising vibration that allows you to expand your consciousness & heal what needs to be healed within oneself & on a karmic level also.

Amber eases physical & mental exhaustion, it clears the mind & negativity of all kinds, providing you with rejuvenation & emotional harmony.

Despite Ambers crystal like appearance, it in fact isn’t a gemstone, but fossilised tree resin that protected living prehistoric trees millions of years ago, Amber carries memories of times long ago & a very strong earthly energy.

Amber is only found in a few countries globally, we use Mexican Chiapas Amber, which is considered more rare than other Amber varieties and is untreated, perfectly imperfect, just how mother nature created it.

Only found in the Mexican state of Chiapas, Chiapas Amber was originally discovered by the Mayans, it was considered an Ancient Maya treasure that was used for trade, ceremonial purposes & for its protective qualities for thousands of years.

Details - 19cm, 6mm Natural Wooden Beads, Amber Chip Beads, Pyrite Rondel Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.

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