Charoite, Pyrite & Black Pearl Bracelet

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Charoite, Pyrite & Black Pearl Bracelet

Embrace the healing powers & magic of these amazing crystals. Strengthening self-awareness & confidence to pursue life goals & purposes with self-belief & determination.

  • Charoite

    Positivity - Guidance - Self-Confidence

    Charoite’s healing and soothing energies help you to recognise and release deeply rooted fears and negativity, encouraging you to let go and move forward with positivity and self-confidence.

    Charoite is a highly spiritual stone, guiding you to live in the present moment with insight and acceptance, whilst supporting you to live your life’s purpose.


    Creativity - Ambition - Vitality

    Pyrite is a stone of vitality and drive, it helps to boost your will power, ambition and creativity. Pyrite increases your mental clarity and focus, giving you an unstoppable and unshakable mindset towards dreams and goals you’re pursuing.

    Black Pearl

    Emotional Harmony - Compassion - Self-Will

    Black Pearl protects the wearer from negative energies, also from one's own self-limiting thoughts and actions, whilst strengthening your mentality and self-will.

    Black Pearl can assist in healing a wounded heart filling the wearer with hope and healing.