Capricorn Healing Zodiac Ladies Bracelet

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  • Capricorn

    December 22 - January 19

    Ruled by Saturn, that governs meaning & structure in ones life, You are Incredibly Intelligent, dedicated & fully in control of you life’s path, you Inspire others to be more than they are, by your dedication & commitment to what you desire in life.

    Perfectionism can lead you to be hard on yourself & others at times, with Earth as your Element you are a very hard worker, you naturally love order, structure & don’t mind following the rules in life, but letting your hair down once in a while is good for your soul, because you are far more than just what your achievements are in life.

    Garnet, Moss Green Agate & Rose Quartz, all combined encourages self compassion & trust in oneself whilst rejuvenating a Capricorn’s energy.

    Garnet - Vitality - Courage - Rejuvenation

    Moss Green Agate - Stability - Self Confidence - Trust

    Rose Quartz - Self Compassion - Unconditional Love - Nurturing

    Affirmation for Capricorn - I can achieve anything in my life with balance & joy, remembering I am Deserving & enough always

    Details - 2mm Matte Hematite Beads, 4mm Garnet Rounds Beads, 4mm Moss Green Agate Round Beads, 6mm Rose Quartz Round Bead, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.