Blue Magnesite, Howlite & Wood Bracelet

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Blue Magnesite, Howlite & Wood Bracelet

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Emotional Healing - Self-Expression - Calming - Unconditional Love & Acceptance - Balance

  • Blue Magnesite

    Emotional Healing - Unconditional Love & Acceptance - Calming

    Blue Magnesite helps to release suppressed feelings and thoughts from the conscious and unconscious mind to deliver emotional healing and balance, inner harmony and unconditional love and acceptance for self and others.

    Blue Magnesite has a calming effect and delivers a sense of deep peace whilst supporting the nervous system to ease irrational thinking, fear and nervousness.


    Self-Awareness - Self-Expression - Calming

    Stone of self-awareness, Howlite will give you the gift of wisdom and enlightenment, it helps to strengthen your own will, allowing you to release unhealthy attachments and old emotional pains.

    Howlite’s soothing energies calms and softens anger and aggressiveness, restoring inner calm, self-acceptance and self-expression enabling you to express your needs more freely and more effectively.