Aries Healing Zodiac Mens Bracelet

  • Aries

    March 21 - April 19

    Ruled by Mars, the planet of action & desire, you are a force to reckon with, Aries tend to dive head first into challenging situations & your bold energy, drive & determination allows you to achieve your hearts desires. With Fire as your Element, your motivation & desire for what you want in life Inspires others to live more boldly & more fearlessly. With the combination of both Mars & Fire in your sign, it can make an Aries Impatient, Impulsive & at times leap before they think, which often means lessons are learnt the hard way. Aries are the most courageous of all star signs, which allows them to live a life of purpose.

    Bloodstone, Citrine & Red Jasper all combined grounds, revitalises & stabilises an Aries feisty energy, providing you with support & grounding to keep chasing your dreams.

    Bloodstone - Courage - Inner Wisdom - Determination

    Citrine - Abundance - Joy - Energising

    Red Jasper - Grounding - Empowering - Revitalising

    Affirmation - I humbly follow my life purpose with determination & courage, knowing what is truly mine will always be mine in it’s divine timing.

    Details - 6mm Natural Wood Beads, 6mm Bloodstone beads, 6mm Citrine Beads, 6mm Red Jasper Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.