Aquarius Healing Zodiac Ladies Bracelet



    January 20 - February 19

    Ruled by the planet Uranus, which enables visionary qualities, you have an Innate ability to perceive the future, which gives you a greater understanding of what you want in your life & the ability to dream big.

    You’re rebellious by nature & will fight for what’s just & right, with Air as your Element, you often glide through life, you are adaptable & love your Independence & freedom, but that freedom can leave you emotionally detached at times & have difficulties committing to any one thing.

    Aquarians are known for their Individuality & are often trend setters, which allows you to stand out from the pack.

    Amethyst, Amazonite & Obsidian all combined empower & guide you to live life authentically whilst encouraging your sense of freedom & expression.

    Amethyst - Spiritual Guidance - Tranquility - Harmony

    Amazonite - Self Awareness - Empowerment - Truth

    Obsidian - Positivity - Protection - Inner Strength

    Affirmation- I chose to live a life of authenticity & truth, knowing that I am guided & supported, always. 

    Details - 2mm Matte Hematite Beads, 4mm Amazonite Rounds Beads, 4mm Obsidian Round Beads, 6mm Amethyst Round Bead, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.