Amazonite, Charoite & Iolite Nugget Bracelet

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Amazonite, Charoite & Iolite Nugget Bracelet - Embrace the healing powers & magic of these amazing crystals. Strengthening your individuality, intuition, self-assurance, personal power and courage.

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  • Amazonite

    Courage - Self-Worth - Inner Truth

    Amazonite the stone of truth, clear communication and courage. Amazonite’s empowering energies help you to rediscover your own truth’s and integrity, whilst moving beyond self-limiting fears and judgement.

    Amazonite soothes and comforts, it eliminates worries and fears whilst comforting and nurturing.

    Amazonite promotes your freedom of self-expression, and self-awareness, allowing you to live in alignment with your values and beliefs, empowering you to set clear boundaries and stand in your truth.


    Positivity - Guidance - Self-Confidence

    Charoite’s healing and soothing energies help you to recognise and release deeply rooted fears and negativity, encouraging you to let go and move forward with positivity and self-confidence.

    Charoite is a highly spiritual stone, guiding you to live in the present moment with insight and acceptance, whilst supporting you to live your life’s purpose.


    Intuition - Guidance - Self-Expression

    Iolite the stone of the Sharman heightens and expands your psychic abilities and guides you gently through spiritual exploration. Iolite's a powerful activator of the third eye, opening and allowing true vision and intuitive abilities.

    Iolite releases discord within relationships, whilst encouraging you to take full responsibility and ownership of your life and not depend on others for validation of who you are and what you’re wanting in your life.

    Iolite helps to calm and balance an active mind, bringing it back to a state of focus and clearer thinking. Ideal for writers, teachers or anyone involved in public speaking, Iolite improves self-expression, clarity and enhances the ability to find the right words.