Lomi Lomi Body Work

Welcome to the beautiful healing of Lomi Lomi Body Work.

Healing, we seek it because there’s separation within, when separation occurs, so to does emotional, physical & mental disharmony. Lomi Lomi body work, done in the traditional Hawaiian way of healing, working in the alignment of “spirit, mind, body” not “mind, body, spirit” which suggests healing comes from our mind/ego before everything, when working with spirit first, like done in this tradition way, we are ensuring your connection & relationship is right spiritually, only then can everything else come into correct alignment & only then can true & lasting healing occur.

Oli, Pule & Hula are all essential protocols to our traditional healings, so beyond a beautiful relaxing, soothing & nurturing full body massage experience, that evokes you to reconnect to the true essence & sacredness of who you are, you’ll be experiencing traditional Hawaiian protocol of healing via chanting, prayer & hula movement, which is how I work directly with your guides & the higher spirit realm, to ensure the healings are done correctly & uniquely to you & what’s needed for your healing in this very moment, making no two Lomi Lomi massage experiences the same, they are unique to your needs in the here & now.

The health benefits of Lomi Lomi Body Work are essential for this modern day fast paced lifestyles, it brings you to the beauty of now, allowing your daily stressors, anxieties & expectations to gently wash way with the soothing & nurturing hula hand strokes that are embodied with the Aloha spirit of unconditional love.