The Empress healing crystal Necklace
The Empress healing Necklace for ladies
The Empress healing Necklace
The Empress healing Necklace for women
The Empress healing crystal Necklace
The Empress healing Necklace
The Empress healing Necklace for ladies
The Empress Necklace

The Empress Necklace

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The Empress

Embodied with grace and femininity, she is aware that loving of self is the highest form of honour and self-respect, that without nurturing her own needs, she is not inflow of the natural rhythm of giving and receiving.

She is fertile with wisdom and in knowing of self and her innate gifts, she effortlessly attracts abundance on every level, simply by honouring all that she is with an open and gracious heart, knowing what is meant for her, will always be hers. She can sit in stillness with her thoughts and emotions without judgment nor guilt, and feel what needs to be felt with self-compassion, honour and understanding.

She is The Empress, a unique beauty of all that she is, and a rarity unto her own.


• Heart Healing • Unconditional Love • Self-acceptance

Emerald the stone of inspiration and pure love, her soothing loving energies opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra, providing healing and vitality while teaching you compassion and unconditional love.

Emerald teaches you how to honour all that you are, it is especially helpful when harnessing self-compassion and self-acceptance, it goes deep within, gently releasing negativity and lack that might be deep-seated from years of self-doubting and judgment, allowing you to be witness to the magnificence that you truly are and allowing you to find fulfilment just by being yourself.

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• Compassion • Emotional Healing • Acceptance

A powerful healer of the emotional body, Kunzite gently encourages letting go, releasing fears and worries. Kunzite soothes both heart and mind, allowing you to live in the present moment and embrace all the opportunities life is gifting you. Kunzite opens the heart to give and receive love graciously with acceptance, while instilling kindness and compassion for self and others alike. Kunzite calms the chaos and noise within your mind and life, allowing you to bring clarity to what’s needed and focus on what you want to attract into your life.


• Soothing • Self-expression • Balance

Larimar is a powerful emotional healer that soothes, nurtures and helps to break down the walls that have been built up around the heart, helping you to reconnect to your own personal power, enhancing intuition and allowing you to receive with an open gracious heart.

Connecting to the divine feminine is one of Larimar’s superpowers, she is nurturing and wise, enabling women to attune to their own femininity and intuition reminding you of the goddess within, allowing you to manifest and follow your life’s purpose and callings. She’s a wonderful teacher of patience and forgiveness, Larimar encourages you to reconnect to the natural ebbs and flow of your inner tides and cycles, reminding you that everything has its purpose and timing, and to trust in that.

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• Courage • Passion • Vitality

A powerful grounding stone, delivering the beholder with a sense of peace, self-confidence and stability, Rubies protect from negativity and promote overall wellness and positivity. Ruby sparks your zest for life, it actively stimulates the Base Chakra to deliver vitality and life force energy, while encouraging you to live fearlessly and boldly from your heart, allowing you to pursue your hearts desires and passions.

Tapping into your creativity is one of Rubies superpowers, it allows you to bear witness to the magnificence that you are, to recognise and utilise your own unique special strengths and capabilities.

Rubies strengthening energies energise and harmonise the Heart Chakra, allowing blockages and past hurt to gently dissolve, promoting and enhancing self-love, allowing you to give and receive love more openly and genuinely.

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  • 8mm Kunzite Bead
  • 3mm Emerald Beads
  • 3mm Larimar Beads
  • 3mm Ruby Beads
  • 2mm Clear Quartz Beads
  • Sterling Silver Findings
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Susanna C.
I recommend this product

The Empress necklace and bracelet are really elegant. Thank you for so promptly sending them all the way to Perth! They’re really beautiful.

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