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Taco Tues Bowl


Using a creation I shared a few blog posts ago, my spiced seedy brown rice, is the perfect base to create your taco tuesday bowl, again feel free to get creative and add something different, but i think you’ll find that this creation will satisfy even the most fussiest of eaters.

For a vegan option, replace the prawns for tofu or tempeh, either way you’ll find this here creation will be a keeper!!



1 Serving of my Spiced Seedy Brown Rice creation

(recipe can be found in my previous blog post)

I also added 1 tsp of smoky paprika to this recipe to add a more Mexican kinda feel.


Lime and Chilli Prawns (Tofu or Tempeh) Ingredients


1 tsp smoky parkia

1/2 tsp cumin powder

1 Juice of 1/2 fresh Lime

1 tsp olive oil

12 large raw prawns or sliced tofu or tempeh

1 hot chilli (Optional)


Black Bean Salsa Ingredients


1/4 cup tinned black beans (rinsed & drained)

1 large whole tomato (deseeded and diced)

1/2 capsicum diced (I like red capsicum best)

1/4 cup roughly chopped fresh coriander

1/2 spring onion finely diced

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp fresh lime juice

salt and pepper to taste


Avocado Cream


1/2 fresh ripe avocado

2 tbls coconut yogurt (plain yogurt can also be used)

1 tsp fresh lime juice

salt and pepper to taste

2 cups of shredded Ice berg lettuce or cabbage to serve, i like to use a mixture of both.




Place all of the Lime & chilli prawn Ingredients into a large bowl or container, stir until all the prawns are well coated with the mixture, place in the fridge until everything else is ready to cook.

Wash, dry & Shred lettuce/ cabbage, place a cup in 2 large serving bowls and place in the fridge.

Wash and dice all the black bean salsa Ingredients, place them in a bowl and stir until combined, add olive oil, lime juice and salt and pepper to taste, stir well and place in the fridge whilst creating the rest.

Place the avocado into a small bowl, use a fork to mash it up, add the remaining ingredients and mix together until the avocado cream becomes smooth and creamy. Place in the fridge.

Create The Spiced Seedy Brown Rice creation

(Ingredients and directions can be found in my previous post)

Heat a large non stick pan over a medium heat, add the marinated prawns (Tofu or tempeh) cook for approximately 2-3 minutes or until golden, flip them over and repeat on the other side.

Time to get creating, take the serving bowls out of the fridge, top with the spiced seedy brown rice mixture, then spoon on the the black bean salsa mixture, add a good spoonful of avocado cream then top it all off with your chilli and lime offerings, add a some fresh coriander before serving, then enjoy xx

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