How To Train Your Pendulum

How to Train your Pendulum - House of Aloha

Pendulum work has been an ancient practice for centuries in many cultures, from dowsing to locating weak or ill parts within one's body, finding precious minerals within our earth, finding lost objects and for what we use it most for these days, helping us with life big decision making and everyday personal questions.

Pendulums can guide you through challenging times throughout your life, they allow the beholder to tap into their innate wisdom and knowing, evoking a greater understanding of oneself and our lives purposes.

So how do we get started with pendulum work?

To begin, we recommend cleansing your new pendulum, you want it to be connected to your own energy, and more than often your pendulum might have been held by others, we suggest placing it on a selenite charging plate overnight, or of course under a full moon, when you wake in the morning, hold it for at least 5 minutes, so it begins to connect to your energy, then you can begin to play.

To start, sit somewhere comfortably and upright, hold your pendulum to your heart to connect and take a few deep and meaningful breaths. Hold your pendulum in whichever hand feels comfortable, using your thumb and forefinger, to achieve the best results, being relaxed and clear-minded is recommended, that way your mind can work more freely on the questions being asked effortlessly. Ask your pendulum a simple yes or no question that you already know the answer to eg, is my name….. and say your name, holding your pendulum still and relaxed, see which way the pendulum sways, that will be the beginning of training your pendulum. We recommend doing this same process, using other yes or no questions you know the answer to already to confirm your pendulums yes sway and no sway, as they say, practice makes perfect, so keep practising your new pendulum craft.

Once you’ve gathered an understanding of which way your pendulum answers, you can begin to ask more in-depth yes or no questions.

Why Isn’t my pendulum working?

Firstly you must believe in the power of your own mind, being close-minded about the pendulums abilities to answer your questions, will never yield results, trust this ancient ritual and your own powers.

If you are tired, stressed or having an emotional day, it’s best to leave your pendulum work until you’ve rested, you will get better results with a fresh and relaxed state. So take a break, reset or even better go into nature, and come back to your pendulum work when you feel ready.

You are making questions that are overly complex or complicated, phrasing your questions simply and specifically work best, this is why yes or no questions work best.

Like us, at times your pendulum might need a little pick me up, cleansing and recharging your pendulum will give it a much-needed boost for accurate pendulum work.

How do I choose the right pendulum for me?

Like everything in the crystal world, your intuition and inner knowing is always your best guide, be it at a store or online, connecting with the pendulum that is right for you, is an inside job.

Hold the pendulum if you are in a store, take a breath and draw the pendulums crystal within, you will know if it is right for you, trust it.

When online, this can be a little more complicated for a lot of people, what we recommend is connecting with the people selling them, if they resonate with you, usually what they chose in the way of crystals usually will too.

We like to write about the crystal of the pendulum briefly, that way you can understand a bit more about the magic within that particular crystal, and never forget to ask, when in doubt, we are always here if you have any questions.

There you have it, how to train your pendulum, welcome to the wonderful world of pendulum work, enjoy xx