by Natalie Ruggeri August 16, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

I am Useless, hopeless, a failure,
I have No will power, drive, commitment, motivation,  
I'm fat or unhealthy always have been always will be,
I'm too tired, too poor, too fat, 
I have no support , I’ve never stuck to a diet before, I can't do it!
Tell me how successful do you think you will be trying to get healthy with that internal dialogue plaguing your thoughts daily?
No wonder getting healthy hasn't worked for you yet, before you've even started to eat better and move your body, you're telling yourself, NO convincing yourself, you are going to fail or self sabotage your efforts before you've even started.
Yup and I too was plagued with those self limiting messages and harsh words I told myself daily also, and getting healthy didn't work for me either with that kind of self talk.
You can be drinking all the green juices in the world, eating your veggies and taking your vitamins, but trash talking to yourself daily is like poison for your entire mind, body and soul, which leaves you malnourished, bitter and resentful......... AIN"T NOOOO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!
I AM, I CAN AND, I WILL.......... 3 statements that changed my whole world, bit by bit!
So who's ready to get rid of the bullshit they've been subscribing to for so many years and start transforming they're lives????
But how does one do that Nat???
Have a vision or a goal,
Write it down, really feel this goal, how bad do you want it???
Enough to cut the Bullshit????
Enough to start talking to yourself better????
 If so, it's time to start focusing on your strengths,
What you can bring to the table?????
AND BRING IT!!!!!!!!!
Will it be easy? Not always, will you have days when you want to say F@#$ it??
Yup you sure will, But will it be worth it???
HELL'S TO THE YEAHHHHHHH BABY, it will be worth it xx
Understanding that your health, happiness and wellness, lies in your very capable hands, ALWAYS
Start talking to yourself like you are really something.......... Something capable, powerful, magical, magnificent, special and amazing............... Because, you are honey xx

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